Healing Prayers

The COVID-19 Pandemic has upended all of our lives but even in the midsts of turmoil and chaos, there is always a word of comfort.  Please click on the link for prayers that have been provided by the Church-at-Large

The Words for this Week

Each week, we share some words based on our scripture readings, to hopefully provide some insight or even to help set the tone to inspire you to dive deeper in your relationship with God.  Click on this link for the Words for this week.

The Hook Pipe Organ

You are always welcomed at Glendale.  You might be planning to visit soon and here is one treat that hopefully might make you schedule your visit sooner - our pipe organ.  Here is a sample from a recent tuning, courtesy of Pelland Pipe Organ Co.  Enjoy!  

Healing Service Video

This is a video that we used at a recent worship service on healing.  During this pandemic, this just might help to comfort you.  Just click on the black box to the left .  By the way, the music is from the "Joyful Noise" soundtrack; Queen Latifah is singing.  You can get a copy from iTunes for $1.29 - such a deal.  Peace and blessings.