Who Are We?


We are Glendale United Methodist Church, a place to worship and serve founded 118 years ago. We are committed to following and worshipping the triune God: Creator, Savior, and Holy Spirit, welcoming all of God's children and striving to serve as God calls us to.  


We are part of the 600 churches in the New England Conference of the United Methodist Church and we are proud to have "Open Hearts, Open Minds, and Open Doors"  and we, too have been "Transformed by the Holy Spirit, united in trust", and "we will respond to God's call to proclaim Christ boldly to the world".


We would love to have you join us for worship and fellowship, and invite you to simply come as you are as we continue to follow the God who loves all and is for all.


-Pastor David Jackson

Potential Separation within the United Methodist Church?

The United Methodist Church (UMC), one of the largest denominations throughout the world, has struggled to live up to its calling for Open Hearts, Open Minds, and Open Doors.  When our Book of Discipline, which is our governing document that identifies the roles, functions, and responsibilities of laity, clergy, the local church, and the church at large, and our social and faith principles, was updated in 1972 to effectively exclude the LGBTQ community from full participation, we were faced with the question of if the UMC position was truly God's will. After decades of studies, prayer, and reflection it appears that the answer could be to separate the denomination to allow all parties to be true to God and themselves as they feel called. The good news is that Glendale UMC will continue to share the Good News with all of God's children, regardless of any denominational change. Here is a link to the latest news about the potential split.


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